What We Do

Home Gardens, Residential Landscape

Your vision and your needs are the first things we consider when beginning a new Garden Evolution. We love using our knowledge and expertise to help support and transform your existing arrangements, whether this means subtle re-plantings or a complete reboot. We specialize in improving gardens, borders, and entrances through transplanting and relocation, as well as appropriate pruning and selection of additional plants. Our recommendations will emphasize native selections and multi-season beauty.


Business and Non-Residential Campuses

Is your space intimate or expansive? Do you envision simple planters or extensive gardens? No matter the size and scope of your business landscape, we can help you create gardens that excite your clients, welcome parishioners, and help your business speak to the larger community. We can also help increase the visibility of your business, and maximize safety and comfort around signage, sidewalks and driveways.


Curb appeal, Real Estate

Helping prepare a property for sale or rent is one of our favorite types of projects!  A refreshed exterior can inspire confidence and excitement for a potential home-buyer before they even set foot inside. We can work both with property owners and Real Estate Agents on properties in Asheville, Fairview, Weaverville, and surrounding areas.


If you’re interested…

We’d love to visit with you briefly via phone or email to get a sense of what you need and what we can offer.  After that, we can schedule a tour of your property, where we will both take the time to see the space for ourselves, and speak with you about your hopes for your own Garden Evolution! If we all agree to move forward, we can send you a detailed plan and estimate for approval usually within a week or two.  Inquire about pricing.

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